How to play strip poker

How to play strip poker

On this page you will find a quick guide on how to play and win at strip poker. Because even though playing strip poker is a lot of fun, you don't want to be the one that ends up naked!
So read on, and you will learn how beat your opponents at strip poker.

Almost all strip poker games are played in the classic poker game Five Card Draw. This means that you get five closed cards that only you can see, and that you have the opportunity to change one or more of your cards for new ones, to try to improve your poker hand.

At the start of the game, both players have to place an 'ante'. This is to make sure there is some money in the pot, to make it worth playing for. After you get your cards, the first player to act has two options: to check or to bet.
If you don't have anything strong, you can check. This means that you don't put any money in the pot, but you still stay in the game. If your opponent now checks as well, then you immediately continue to the draw, where you can both change your cards.
But if you have something worth putting more money on, you can bet. If the game is 'no limit', you can bet as much money as you have in front of you, but usually at strip poker there is a maximum bet. Or else the game would be over too fast. In the game on our strip poker page, you can bet anything between 5 and 20.

After you have bet, your opponent now has the choice to either fold, call, or raise. Checking is no longer an option, because there is a bet on the table. If she folds, it means she doesn't want to put any money in the pot, and she throws her cards away. You win the pot, and you start a new hand.
If she calls, it means that she wants to continue playing, and she puts the same amount of money in the pot as you did. You then proceed to changing your cards.
But if she raises, it usually means that she has something strong, because she wants to put more money in the pot. Then it's your turn to decide if you want to fold, call, or raise again.

When you both have put the same amount of money in the pot, it's time to change your cards. You can throw away all the cards that you don't need. But if you already have a strong five-card combination (like a straight, flush, or full house), you can also change zero cards.
In most video strip poker games, you click on the cards that you want to throw away, and then click the button that says 'discard'.

After the draw, there is another betting round with the same rules as before. When the last betting round is complete, and both players are still in the pot, you get the showdown: the player with the best cards wins the pot.
If you're not sure what the best poker combinations are, and what beats what in poker, you can find it on this page with poker hand rankings.

Strip poker rules

Strip poker rules

So when does she take her clothes off? This happens when you win all her money. In the video strip poker games on this website, you both start with 100 chips. When your opponent loses these 100 chips, she will have to take something off to get a new stack of 100 chips to play with.

You will continue playing with the chips that you won from her, so you will be pretty safe. But when your opponent starts winning and comes back to 200 chips, she can choose to buy back a piece of clothing for 100 chips. And then you will have to start all over again, so you have to keep winning to get to the end!

In real-life strip poker, you both agree on how many pieces of clothing you both will wear. In online strip poker games, it usually takes four or five rounds before the game is over, so it should never take too long to get to the final reward!

Strip poker strategy tips

With only two players, you don't need to wait for very good cards. One high pair (queens, kings, or aces) is already very strong in the end, so anything better than that is definitely worth putting a lot of money on.

In the beginning of the game, you should be patient and wait for at least a pair or four high cards, with a nine or higher. You should just fold the rest. Don't put money in the pot, trying to make one pair. You should only bet when you already have it. Pairs come by very often, so you don't have to wait very long. If you have a pair or better, make a big raise, to let your opponent pay to get to the draw. If your opponent is the one that makes the first raise, just call to see the draw. Only re-raise if you have two pair or better.

If you miss only one card for a straight or a flush, try to get to the draw as cheap as possible, and hope that you make your straight or flush, or at least a high pair. If your opponent already made a maximum bet, just throw it away.

At the draw, if you have a high pair (queens or better), you should discard three cards. If you make two pair or three-of-a-kind with this high pair, it will be very good.
If you have a lower pair, try to keep one high card as well. If you make two pair with that high card, you again will have a strong two pair.
It happens a lot that you both have two pair, so you should make sure that you are the one with the highest cards.
If you don't have a higher card than your pair, just change three cards again, and hope for three-of-a-kind.
Also, always look at how many cards your opponent discards, because it tells you a lot. If she changes two cards and keeps three, it usually means she has a low pair with a high card. But if she was betting a lot of money before the draw, it could also mean she has three of a kind already, so then you should be careful.

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If she changes only one card, it is either two pair, or it means she's looking for a straight or a flush. In both cases, you should never bet after the draw. Just check and let her bet, and call if you have a pair or better. If you have a flush or better yourself, you can check first and then raise when she bets, to make the most money. This only works when you're first to act, of course.
The reason to check is that you are giving her a chance to bluff, if she missed her straight or flush. If you bet yourself, and she made the flush, you will get a big raise, and then you should fold. You will lose a very big pot, and not even see her cards.
If she does bluff with a missed straight-draw, it means she has no pair, so then it doesn't matter how high your pair is. You can call with any pair, and just hope that she was indeed bluffing.

Our last tip: don't bluff yourself! In real-life strip poker, it's possible to bluff with a big bet, but computer players are always very unpredictable. It's better to just wait for good poker combinations, and then try to make the most money by betting big.
The only time you can try to bluff is when the pot is very small, and she shows weakness. For example, at the start you both checked, then you saw she changed four cards, and after the draw she checked again. Now you can make a bet, even if you also have nothing, because you know there's a very big chance she will throw it away.
But in most other situations, just save your money until you have good cards. In strip poker, patience will be rewarded nicely!

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